Political Islam between the Caliphate and the Modern State



Published Dec 10, 2023
Sobhi Rayan


his article deals with the attitude of the Islamic movements towards the political
system of the Modern State and analyzes the relationship between the two sides.
It also sheds light on the development of the political discourse of these
movements in the modern era. Islamic movements called for revival of the
Caliphate System in the twentieth century, and gradually their political discourse
developed into acceptance of the idea of the establishment of a modern Islamic
State through the system of a Modern State. This development characterized the
discourse of the majority of the Islamic movements, mainly the movement of the
Islamic Brothers, who started to believe in the possibility of the application of the
Islamic Law in the Modern State.
Adoption of the system of the Modern State by the Islamic movements caused an
intense debate between the supporters and opponents of this system and their
disagreements centered on the difference between the values and principles on
which each system is established: the Islamic System and the Modern System.
This difference made the supporters of the Modern State work on bringing together
the principles of modernity and the Islamic principles and thoughts.

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Islamic movements, Modern State, Caliphate, Political Islam, Muslim brother.

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