Changing Islamic Identities and the Effects of Geography1



Published Dec 10, 2023
İbrahim Yilmaz


Islamic identity is often overlooked, but it definitely exists and is shaped by
geography. It's fascinating to see how this identity takes on different forms based
on where it is practiced. There are commonalities and differences between the
Islamic identities of global citizens and those of local communities. It's important
to recognize that no one is superior or inferior based on their identity; the
variations lie in knowledge, culture, and skills. Geographical conditions play a
significant role in differentiating people. Nowadays, a new and progressive
Islamic identity is emerging, with Muslims embracing values like anti-bigotry
and striving for positive change. They are working to transform their
surroundings, promoting knowledge, morality, work, equality, and justice. In our
study, we will dive into how geography influences the evolution of Islamic

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