The Arab Family Role in the Academization of the Arab Sector

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Published Sep 13, 2009
Hamadalla Rabea


The Arab Family occupies a central and vital role in the academization of the
Arab sector, which is considered a minority. The Arab society in Israel
becomes an educated society after it was relatively illiterate and had only 45
elementary schools in the early years of the establishment of the state of
Israel. Moreover, the great demand of the Arab students for the Israeli and
foreign universities turns to be a prominent phenomenon, where hundreds of
students specializing in different domains graduate each year.
The main reason responsible for the academization of the Arab sector is the
need for learning and education since education is the mechanism necessary
for gaining its rights and preserving its identity and status in Israel. The Arab
Family remains the main supporter for academic education of its members
rather than the Israeli academic or governmental institutions.
The social solidarity within the family is considered the basic source
responsible for financing the education process and the Arab family no
longer distinguishes between female and male members, since the research
shows that the percentage of the female students is equal or sometimes
greater than the male students in the high academic institutions. The great
demand on academic studies is reflected by those tens and hundreds of students who study abroad. Without the sacrifice and support of the family,
these students won’t afford the expenditures of their studies on their own.
The academization of the Arab sector indicates that both the Arab family and
the Arab society are capable to face the challenges and cope with the
changes and difficulties in the majority society.


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