Vol. 13 (2009): أبحاث في العلوم التربوية والاجتماعية

Published: 03-10-2009


Distance Learning: What are its Strengths and Pitfalls?

Moanes Tib, Lubna Tibi
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Page 71-97

The Immigration to Abyssinia: A New Interpretation

Fawaz Mansour
Abstract 8 | pdf Downloads 5

Page 57-63

The Schools of Law

Fakhri Bsoul
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Page 29-56

Page 1-28

Teaching Thinking: Between Theory and Practice

Yoram Herpiz
Abstract 12 | pdf (עברית) Downloads 13

Page 447-470

The Connection between Self-Image and Motivational Orientation to Learning

Nabil Saada
Abstract 8 | pdf (עברית) Downloads 34

Page 407-446

The signification of Place in the Homeland-Yearning Poetry

Abdalla Tarabi
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Page 349-374

Integrating Spreadsheets into Learning and Teaching Mathematics in All Stages of Schooling

Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Bayaa
Abstract 20 | pdf (العربية) Downloads 16

Page 187-330

The Role of the Technology Coordinator in the School

Nimer Bayaa, Wajeeh Daher, Rania khalil
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Page 257-285

The Poetic Discourse of “Liquor” by Hareth Bin Badr Al-Gaddani

Mohammed Dawabsheh, Emad Abu Al-Hasan
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Phenomenon of Rebellion in Umayyad Poetry

Mohammed Dawabsheh
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Page 205-237

A Comparative study to Arbitrary Divorce in Islamic Law

Urwa Sabri
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Page 165-204

Attitudes and Perceptions of Education System Administrators in Arab Local Councils in Israel

Khaled Arar, Khaled abu Asbeh
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Page 135-163

The Arab Family Role in the Academization of the Arab Sector

Hamadalla Rabea
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Page 83-102