Vol. 18 No. 2 (2014): أبحاث في العلوم التربوية والاجتماعية

Published: 21-09-2014


The nature of family and social life as perceived by female married students in al-Qasemi Academy

azhar kabaha, samer Magadlah
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Page 1-26

The Use of Facebook and its Relationship with Adolescents' Psychological Adjustment

Sami Ahmad Shannawi, Mohammed Khalil Abbas
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Page 75-118

The Effect of Using V-Shape Strategy on Scientific Achievement of the Fifth Grade Students of Different Learning Style

Abdel-Ghani Al-Saifi , Samirah Ateeq
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Page 151-119

Cultural-ethnic factors and their influence on self-evaluation of children with mental development delay

Badee’ Al-Qasha’leh, סלים אבו גאבר
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Page 153-162

Attitudes of Arab youth in Israel towards the risk of psycho-active drug use

Khalid Abu Asbi, Muhammad Abu Nasra
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