The Poetic Discourse of “Liquor” by Hareth Bin Badr Al-Gaddani

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Published Oct 3, 2023
Mohammed Dawabsheh Emad Abu Al-Hasan


This research aims at exploring the poetic diction used by the Umayyad poet
Haretha Bin Badr Al–Gaddani. It mainly focuses on the literary subject of
the "Liquor" in Al Gaddani poetry.
The study also focuses on the compositional style, metaphors, ,repetition,
forwarding, delay and intensification. The researcher adopts a critical
approach in this study paying special attention to psychological, intellectual
and social attitudes of the poet and there reflections on this poetry.

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Dawabsheh, M., & Abu Al-Hasan, E. (2023). The Poetic Discourse of “Liquor” by Hareth Bin Badr Al-Gaddani. Jami’a - Journal in Education and Social Sciences, 13. Retrieved from


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