Vol. 14 (2010): أبحاث في العلوم التربوية والاجتماعية

Published: 02-10-2010


Using Wolfram Alpha in Finding the General Limit of Sequences

Hussam Haj Yahia, Muenis Teebi
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Page 33-42

The Zakat of Debts in the Islamic Fiqh

Hanan Abed al-Rahman Abo Mokh
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Page 43-70

Political Torture Tools in the Umayyad Period Literature

Mohammed Dawabsheh
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Page 163-198

Characteristics and Contexts of Middle School Students’ Learning of Mathematics with the Cellular Phone

Nimer Bayaa, Wajeeh Daher
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Page 221-250

Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions of Geometry and its Teaching and their Classroom Practices

Wajeeh Daher, Othman Jaber
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Page 323-344

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Herbal-Derived Factors are Mediated By Down Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines

Bahaa Hadieh, Omar Said, Mahmoud Masalh, Basheer Abo Farkh, Alaa Abo Mokh, Bashar Saad
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Page 1-12

The Changing Content in the Short Stories of Zakariyya Tamir

Yaseen Kittani
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Page 41-58