The Connection between Self-Image and Motivational Orientation to Learning

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Published Sep 13, 2009
Nabil Saada


The general goal of this research is to examine the connection between self-
image and motivational orientation to learning among the Arab adolescents
studying in Israel. It deals with two main issues: (a) why do pupils do what they should do or not do in their learning process? And (b) why are there
pupils showing persistent adjusting patterns of behavior, while other pupils
(who sometimes have the same ability) showing undesirable behavioral
patterns of learning?
The findings indicate that (a) there is a strict positive connection between
self-image and orientation-approach and (b) strict negative connection
between self-image and orientation-avoidance. They provide support for
other researches with regards to aspects of learning motivation. The study
recommends that future studies continue their search after mediating factors
between interpersonal factors and learning motivation.
It is expected that this study will contribute to the progress of the conception
of the learning motivation of Arab adolescents in Israel in both theoretical
and applied domains.

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