Teachers’ teachers’ perceptions of the good teacher at Al-Qasemi Academy

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Published Sep 21, 2013
Ahlam Anabosi Khaled abu Asbeh


Over the centuries, the teacher had been regarded as a major factor in the
education system and carried the burden in achieving the educational goals.
Therefore we cannot dispense with his important role, irrespective of the
discovery of new theories and teaching methods. However, the teacher must
evolve and take into account the pace with of the modern era and its demands,
thus building generations that can be aligned with the development of
civilizations (Barhoum, 2009). As for the significance of the teacher and
his/her role, many researchers show interest in examining the question of what
a good teacher is and what type of characteristics his personality components
should include. The research objective is an attempt to reveal the perceptions of
teachers' teachers at Al-Qasemi Academy about the qualities of a good teacher,
in accordance with domains in the literary research (traditional approach and
modern approach).
The research method is quantitative in nature. A questionnaire was distributed
with 32 items describing different components of the good teacher to the
research sample, which includes 40 lecturers at El-Qasemi Academy of
different specialization: Arabic / religion, mathematics / computer, English,
special need education, early childhood, and sciences. The sample is divided
into three categories: 8 lecturers of cognitive contents, 16 lecturers of
educational contents and 16 educational guides.
The research findings indicate that lecturers at Al-Qasemi Academy attribute
great importance to six components and consider them as essential basis for the
good teacher perception, three of which represent traditional approach to the
teacher (knowing educational content, knowing knowledge content, and pedagogical knowledge) The other three represent the modern approach (the
ability to change and innovate, obligation to respect the individual differences
and participation and engagement in the learning community). Further, the
research shows that there are more modern perceptions in a female lecturer
than in a male one and statistically significant differences between the lecturers
at the college in terms of their profile (qualities such as: getting a teaching
certificate, seniority, working in different departments) are lacking. This
indicates that there were no fundamental differences between staff members at
the same college/organization.


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