Vol. 15 (2011): أبحاث في العلوم التربوية والاجتماعية

Published: 02-10-2011


Use Pattern of Social Networks among Arab Teenagers

Khaled Asad, Asmaa N. Ganayem, Moanes Tibi
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Page 191-210

Vocational Benefits and Costs of Conducting Psychotherapy: The Case of School Counselors

Shiri Daniels, Talia Seger, Joseph Guttmann
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Page 57-80

Diabetes prevention and treatment with Greco-Arab And Islamic-based natural products

Hila Zaid, Omar Said, Bahaa Hadieh, Abdalsalam Kmail, Bashar Saad
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Page 19-38

Cultural Bias or Faluire of the Education System

Khaled abu Asbeh, Mohammad Abu Nasrah
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Page 211-232

Development of Online Learning Thinking Skills

Amgad Seif, Jamil Mohsen, Khaled Asad
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Page 3-23

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment by Greco-Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine

Aysha Abo-Galion,, Abed-Elsalam Kamil, Hanan RezeqAlla, Hilal Zaid
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Page 161-176

Humor in Arab Children’s Literature

Rafia Yahia
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Page 85-110

Parents-Children Relationship and its Influence on the Health State of Children and Teenagers in the Arabic Society

Khalid abu Asbeh, Ameerah Qaraqrah-Ibraheem
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Page 55-84

Developing Advanced Mathematical Thinking Processes Through Investigating the Graphs of Composite Functions

Tasneem Deyab, Husam Haj Yahia, Nimer Bayaa
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Page 25-54