Integrating Spreadsheets into Learning and Teaching Mathematics in All Stages of Schooling

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Published Sep 13, 2009
Wajeeh Daher Nimer Bayaa


This article introduces the spreadsheets as a learning environment which is
rich of tools for the study of mathematics in different levels: early childhood, primary school and middle school. Some of the activities presented fit the
high school mathematics too. The spreadsheets are introduced as
technological tool for learning mathematics in three ways: describing its
built-in components and analyzing their work mathematically, depending on
past research, and suggesting activities that use the spreadsheets to learn
mathematics in the various levels.
Today mathematics teachers are requested to vary their teaching methods so
that they match the various learning styles of students. This can encourage
the students to learn mathematics and be active learners. This article fulfills
more than one goal at the same time: it shows how to utilize the spreadsheets
in learning and teaching mathematics, it provides mathematics teachers with
a rich source that contains various activities and theoretical material so they
can vary their teaching methods and it presents a tool which is prevalent at
every school and in the students' homes. The students can use this
widespread tool to deepen their knowledge into different mathematical

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